These Two Trends Are Everywhere







There have been two trends EVERYWHERE this past Winter and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the fun that they bring to any outfit. Since I am, and always will be a 10 year old, (only now in a 31 year old’s body) I was immediately intrigued by both the deconstructed garment style and the “add random text to everything” style. Is there a specific name for this?

Firstly, the deconstructed style makes me nostalgic for the days when I used to cut up t-shirts and sew them back together in an effort to create a baby tee out of an oversized thrift t-shirt. Oh, the glory days! The days when I’d sport an old school baseball t-shirt previously owned by a man named “Julio” whose number was, apparently, “5” are sadly, behind me (Why didn’t I save them??)

Secondly, anything that is a bit weird, strange, non-mainstream I usually am attracted to because weird = not boring and not boring > boring.

as I mentioned earlier I am attracted to most things 10 year old girls are attracted to like pink cupcakes, patches, and anything that tastes like cotton candy.

So this look came together fairly quickly actually despite the seemingly random style choices I made here. The sweater is actually one I bought years ago from Joe Fresh and could never bring myself to give it away because it’s got this vintage fabulous feel to it and also the arms actually extend longer than my arms which is as magical as Fox falling asleep at 7:30 pm and sleeping all the way through the night. That is to say, it just doesn’t happen so I absolutely had to keep it and I’m glad I did because how fun is it here tucked into this killer deconstructed skirt from ?

The skirt is just one of those statement pieces that you can wear with anything the black and white gingham actually falls into the category of neutral in my book because it literally pairs with anything, lace, leather, tassles, neons(as seen in my look) and also love how the gingham that may be usually seen as a bit preppy is reimagined here in a much edgier style. More my kind of thing. I’d almost always rather look “edgy” than “sexy” any day. Although I think we can all agree the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

The puffer coat from has a kind of funny story behind it. When I purchased it I had no idea it had writing on the back. So when I opened up the package. There it was staring starkly at me “WHATEVER” which I then though was wildly funny because who doesn’t remember saying whatever like a million times back int he day when they were , yep you guessed it, 10 YEARS OLD. See I told you. The fact that I was even mildly giddy about the word “whatever” stamped across the back of my coat it a tell tale sign of my mental age. 10 year olds have more fun!

As for the tights… it was cold outside and I DON’T mess with Mother Nature because she’s a boss and holds all the power as evidenced by that tease of 60-70 degree weather we all experienced before she so cruelly snatched Spring back into the palm of her hand like a yo-yo ball (remember those?? oh, man… all kinds of nostalgia during this post today) Otherwise I would have worn this look without any tights because of the cascading asymmetrical line of the skirt looks really flattering on bare legs.

Had to throw on some cons because you all know by now that I’m 1. a tomgirl 2. a mama 3. a country girl– although this last one’s very debatable

What do you think of these new trends?

Also, you may notice that sometimes I use punctuation in this post and sometimes you find yourself reading the world’s longest sentence. That is because now that I am a mom to a boy who fights naps like a certified Kung Fu Master,  my ONLY priority is to get the words typed into Word Press in a way that is somewhat discernible to literate people.  Punctuation simply does not fit into that equation. But you get me right? Yeaaaa,  you get me.

Y & <3,



**I’ve included both the “tall” version of the skirt and the standard length– I bought tall because there were only a few sizes left in the standard length**