Thoughts from a 38 (almost 39) Week Preggo



I am 38 weeks and 5 days  pregnant and would be lying if I said I hadn’t begun to start really feeling the weight I’ve gained. Sitting down, standing up, walking longer distances are all actions that come with 80% more effort than in my 2nd trimester. Let’s just say Uber has been making a looot of money off of me as of late.  It’s in this stage of pregnancy that I think of the pregnant women commuting to work everyday, vying for an open seat on the train or the bus. Or those women who travel for work carefully planning out their travel time, knowing that they won’t be able to rush to their gate if they’re running  late. Sitting in an uncomfortable seat for 5 hrs straight… bathroom trips every 15-20 minutes.  I honestly do not know how they do it. And then the return trip…

I’ve had a fairly smooth pregnancy thus far *Knocks on wood*, and am extremely lucky, but I have to say, I didn’t realize how much slower I’d be moving. I’ve begun to realize I just can’t have the same expectations for myself as I’ve had in the past. Last minute anything, where speed is involved, is an impossibility. I can’t carry anything too heavy, so lifting and moving things have to be delegated. I sit on benches to enjoy my Pinkberry  rather than rushing into the Subway with it.  I avoid hills like they’re the plague, especially in the 90 degree weather mother nature ahas flung our way this past week. I am, truly, a different version of myself, right now, and I’m learning how to navigate that.

My husband, has been a gracious, loving, and supportive factor during this life change and never makes me feel bad about any of it. In fact, quite the opposite…. he’s always trying to get me to relax, he frequently suggests he do the food shopping on his own with help from a list we write together. Puts on relaxing music he knows I like. Cooks dinner when he can–he works full-time and drives an hour to work and back. Rubs my feet, hands, and back. Makes frequent trips to the fridge and back to refill my water and a whole host of other love-filled things.

Seeing the physical transformation in my body  has definitely made all of this much more real for him and I think that helps him understand that picking up certain tasks really makes a difference for me. My ungraceful grunts and whines help to get the point across as well…

On top of all of this, he still happily spends at least one weekend day shooting for my blog and Instagram feed. In fact, he said he missed shooting the other day and my heart leapt. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to share a hobby with the one you love.  Sean and I are extremely different personalities and love to do and talk about very different things. Of course, there is a bit of overlap– social justice, doing good in the world, things like that we like to talk about and share the same views about. But our hobbies are vastly different. So to be able to find an activity that makes us both happy, that we can do together, is truly a gift.  And once our Little Bean shows up Earthside, I know  that list of things we love to do together will grow.

I’m not sure how this post became a bit of a tribute to my husband, but I guess it’s been waiting patiently in my fingertips to be written. And I’m pretty sure it’s much overdue.

Until next time…

Peace & <3,