The Jungle is Real

Not quite sure about the title of this post, but the reality is I spent a chunk of Fox’s nap time putzing about so now I need to just get on with it and get this post written before he wakes up. Why do I always do this to myself??

So the Jungle is real and it’s converged upon the fashion scene hasn’t it? The luscious greens and unique shapes of the monstera and banana leaves are everywhere. But more importantly they are on this dress. (and quite possibly on my downstairs bathroom’s wallpaper- that should be fun, right?)

I’ve noticed something about myself. If I’m going to wear a maxi dress it more than likely will be a pattern that is less mainstream. (This is excluding when I was pregnant because I was like… if it’s comfortable and or it keeps me cool, I’m wearing it regardless of pattern, color, hideousness…)

This is why when I found this dress it immediately went into my shopping cart and I waited like a good little girl for it to show up on my doorstep and then ripped it from its package and tried it on.  It didn’t completely go like that. I had to wait the entire day to try on the dress because Fox was very much in tune with his emotions  that day… and so I was very much not able to get anything in the house done that day. No worries, not a problem. I got this bute of a dress on that evening and was able to marvel at it in the mirror for about 30 seconds before Fox made me aware that it was time for his bedtime routine and I was late to the party, so I needed to stop whatever nonsense I was doing and get my shit together. So of course I did.

Buuut later that week, we were able to take some pretty pictures. Can I tell you a secret? These pictures were taken riiiiight next to a strip mall with a Price Chopper, a Mavis Discount Tires and a Subway…. sooooo now you know the endless glamour that is my life.

Y & <3,


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