Sleeveless sweaters & Cropped Flares

You may be asking yourself why these items of clothing exist? Isn’t the very existence of a sweater to keep you warm? And pants to FULLY cover your legs? What is the point of articles of clothing that don’t do their job?  You wouldn’t be wrong in your confusion. I wondered myself for a time, how to implement aforementioned garments without freezing my a** off in the dead of winter.

And then I learned to layer and the use of such garments became clear. Layer a sleeveless sweater over a longsleeve one. Sport some cropped flares under a skirt or with high socks and high tops. These pieces add an element of intrigue to your outfits. One more piece that tells a small section of  the story that you’re wearing.

It’s not hard to tell that I love color. So it was fun for me to layer this purple sleeveless sweater smock over a fair isle sweater I bought from J. Crew years ago.  I didn’t layer anything over the crop flares  because I was just so excited to fit into them again.

You may be wondering why I am posting about sweaters when everyone knows all the Spring lines are out now…. Well…. all of us sale hunters know that NOW is the best time to purchase sweaters not Spring dresses at full price (unless of course you love that Spring dress and it belongs in your closet like right now– at this very moment! Then the heart wants what the heart wants and who am I  to stand in your way?) So I shall continue to post winter/transitional styles until Winter Clearance can no longer be found! Or it gets warm and I want to wear a springy look–whichever comes first.

So tell me,

Do you own any sleeveless sweaters? Crop flares? How do you wear them?


**All items similar to what I’m wearing except for shoes**


Tobi//Sleeveless Sweater

 Fair Isle Sweater// here

 Flatforms// here