Sheer Bodysuit +Kickers



Always evolving. From one day to the next. I could look at an article of clothing and think, I would NEVER wear that and then the week after, I’d pick up that same piece and go, “Actually, It’s kind of cute.” What I like to wear changes from day-to-day, because how I see the external world  changes from day-to-day. How I see my body changes from day -to- day.  It makes more sense then that you’d cringe at an old picture of yourself in a certain ensemble and a few years later be wearing that same thing because,  “actually… it’s kind of cute.”  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate what your genuine style likes are from what one sees trending on visual platform influencers and icons. Do you love it because it looks good on her? Or do you love it because it speaks to you. It’s hard to say, isn’t it? We women  practically come out the womb seeing and wanting a body type that isn’t ours. We are fed images from birth that eat away at our own abilities to make personal and expressive style choices.  I GET SO HEATED WHEN I TALK OR WRITE ABOUT HOW THE MEDIA  STRIPS WOMEN OF THEIR SELF CONFIDENCE. So I’ll save this conversation for another day. Let’s talk about how easily we can fall in and out of love with a physical item-like an article of clothing we swore we’d love forever.  We are fickle beings and with that comes the power of being able to change how we present ourselves to the world. I don’t think we have to say with certainty that we like this or we hate that because that’s who we are. I think who we are is in  a perpetual metamorphic state– shifting and twisting and turning, asking questions, answering them, correcting them, analyzing them. We are not simple beings. We like what we like on any given day. Even if on the next day we hate it. Let’s see how I feel about this look tomorrow.

What I love about this look:

  • mixing mesh with sportswear
  • fun red line down the denim kickers

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