Rediscovering My Wardrobe



Ask me why I decided to be pregnant, sell our apartment, give birth, buy a house and renovate the kitchen of that house within sheer months of each other and I’ll tell you I have no effing idea. It’s the most dumb a** thing my husband and I have ever done. Period. No silver linings, no BS about it being fun. It wasn’t/isn’t. (we’re still renovating our kitchen almost 7 months later…what fun!) I will gladly share the details of the kitchen fiasco in another post, but for now I’ll stick with the theme of this post, which is supposed to be about rediscovering my wardrobe. And it will be just bear with me a second and we’ll get down to it.

So here I am a “fashion blogger” with literally no time to blog or to look even remotely stylish because… baby– whom has me wrapped around his wee finger, husband AKA Instagram husband slaving away in what used to be our kitchen every weekend, and self preservation…must watch 7 episodes of Twin Peaks to feel alive again.

In these first 6 months of Fox’s life I’ve just been way more invested in his basic needs (and mine for that matter) to prioritize anything else.

Did I tell you guys that I gained 55 lbs during my pregnancy? I felt like a different woman. I looked like a different woman and I definitely dressed like a different woman. It was hard, I missed my old size and the clothing I had curated for that body I had grown so accustom to. I had no idea if I was going to get that body back, a body that I realized 55 lbs later, I had grossly under appreciated.


I lost the 55 pounds and also my butt– butt completely gone. RIP butt.  Buuuut (the conjunction not the anatomical part) I  gained my wardrobe back and only now am I beginning to dip my toe back into the pool that was once me, pre-baby. And THIS is what’s fun– rediscovering  and appreciating my body and playing dress up in my own wardrobe that just a few months earlier was completely off limits to me.  Which means appreciation for those items that I had  become bored of and/or thought I might never wear. Pregnancy not only gifted us with a new life, our baby boy Fox, but it also gifted me with  a “new wardrobe” and a “new body” to style. Did any of you experience this phenomenon? It’s been a fun little tidbit in the chapter of motherhood that had been left out of all the books I’d read about becoming a mom. And it’s one of the perks in this chapter of REALLY EMOTIONAL EVERYTHING so yay (!!!) for appreciating your body at the ripe old age of 31!! Score 1 for me and my self confidence!



I had fun playing around with this thrifted matchy-matchy blouse and skirt; added my fur collared thrifted coat because… fur automatically makes me a way cooler mom (Animal lovers please don’t kill me! I was a pescatarian(sp?) for almost a year…. but then bacon…) And finished it off with my neon green new balance sneakers–just because. And although the wrap occurred solely because of  what’s going on underneath is a fairly gnarly situation,  these hair wraps are giving this mama liiife.

*SIGHS*  It feels good to write again.


Peace & Love,