Patchwork Green Faux Fur Coat


Easing my way back into style blogging. Let me tell you. Style blogging with a toddler ain’t easy. Let’s just all be honest about this–anything with a toddler ain’t easy. Then sprinkle a little 17 degree weather into the mix (with the flair and precision of one salt bae) and you’ve got a recipe for a frostbitten and peeved style blogger ESPECIALLY when your husband suggests you take pictures on THE WINDIEST block in all of Jersey City. “Depth” he says, “we need depth!” And I’m like… “I think my body is shutting down…. can. not. move. my. lips.”

So I survived (and I have all of my fingers still so that’s good) and we got some fun shots of this patchwork green faux fur coat from Tia’s Place. Really excited to be collaborating with Tia’s again, now that I’m back in Jersey City. And even more exciting is that you can now get everything I style from Tia’s Place in their online shop 


Faux fur has been really exciting for me lately because of the color burst that it can add to any look…pretty damn effortlessly. You all know I love color and pattern and texture mixing. The pink and green in this look complement each other so nicely and the pleats of my skirt and the density of my sweater adds a mixed media variety to my pink on pink look.

*What I love about this look:



Tia’s Place//  Donata Faux Fur Coat 

H&M// Pink Ribbed Sweater

H&M// Pink pleated Midi Skirt

Tia’s Place // Chinoiserie Embroidered Envelope Clutch


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