Fall Florals


Wooooowee. I bet you thought I’d died. Or quit the blogger game. Or got so depressed that Trump was our president that I swore off all colorful garments and swore to wear only black for the rest of my days.  Nope, I’m still in it. Still redefining the way mamas dress (although I wear all black in my heart because… TRUMP and WHY???) and so excited that I had the time and energy to style a few fun pieces and share with you.

I take fox to the park everyday. And in the past month or so we’ve discovered (props to the hubs for finding it) a secret park– walking distance from our apartment. In the secret park, someone has worked diligently to grow and maintain a variety of flowers that Fox is drawn to. He usually takes about five minutes walking around the patch of flowers– taking in their colors, the insects that pollinate them, and  with a furrowed brow reaching out to touch these alien floral beauties that the end of summer has just introduced to him. These moments inspired this look.

Some would have you believe that florals represent an ethereal, feminine nature. Delicate and soft. As I often like to do, I’ve challenged that belief with this look. Florals, like women,  can be edgy and strong, beautiful and striking all at once. Flowers may be pretty, but they can also be intimidating. Nothing wrong with a little womanly intimidation if you ask me.

I almost forgot the best part of this look. The layers. It’s fall and layers are your secret weapon for both warmth and making your wardrobe feel three times larger than it already is.  When my layering game is strong … it feels like such a win. Essentially, I’m saving money and creating a killer outfit all at the same time, and for a fashion blogger who’s on a budget that’s both a fun little challenge and a necessity.

What are some items that you love layering? Are you a pattern lover? Is taking summer dresses into the next season your thing? What are some of your layering strategies?


Y & <3,