Embroidery On A Budget

I’m loving me some embroidery. I literally type in embroidery to every e-commerce shop I frequent, just so I can take my pick of the embroidered items they have to offer. I’m a wee bit obsessed. But this obsession comes just in time for Spring. I’m almost afraid to utter the s word because the very moment I get excited about it warming up, mother nature snatches it right out from under us. She’s been having a grand ‘ol time making us mortals wait until she’s ready to grace us with temperatures above 50 degrees. (Of course now that I’ve gotten around to publishing this post, it’s 84 degrees… **Executes most dramatic eye roll**)
ANYWAY… embroidery. Love it. Need it in my life. And so do you.

Here are a few embroidered items to add to your wardrobe this Spring. Even if you’re not as obsessed with embroidery as I am, there’s always room for at least one or two embroidered items in your wardrobe, right?
Peace & Love Mamas,