Photo Credit Bub Bakery

Cookies & Milk : The Lactation Edit

If they’d just said, “cookies, they’re good. Want to try them?” I would’ve been on board. Sweets do that to me. Chocolatey, soft, sugary goodness makes me crazy. I’ll pretty much do anything for a cookie, or cake, or donuts… yea.

So when I found Bub Bakery(there’s actually an umlaut over the “u”) on IG while idly searching for who knows… I had to reach out right away.. because these weren’t just cookies folks these were… bum bum buuuum…. lactation cookies. Umm, Be still my heart.


Bub bakery is a business based in Seattle  that makes lactation cookies (and I believe bars) They operate under the honest and funny mantra,  “Parenting is Hard. Have a cookie”  A  motto that most parents will readily agree with. I know I will.

Recently, I’d been feeling like my milk production was low– hadn’t been feeling the let down sensation as often as I used to and all together was feeling a little less “full.” As a mother, that scares the sh@#! out of me. I want to be able to provide Fox as much  milk as he needs for as long as he wants it until he weans himself.  And I expected that to be at at least age 10. (Kiiiiidding. I saw you over there about to freak out)


So when Bub bakery showed up in my feed, I was ready and open to try them out.

Bub Bakery cookies are made with organic ingredients, although they are not exclusively organic and aren’t yet able to put an official organic seal on their products. When I wrote to them in a direct message, asking about their cookies and expressing my excitement over their 100% organic cookies, they transparently shared that their cookies were, in fact, not 100% organic, that the cookies contained organic ingredients, but not all ingredients were organic. This kind of honesty and transparency in a brand is admirable and what makes people, like me, feel they can  trust the owners to do right by them as a consumer. That feels good, especially when everything I ingest makes its way into Fox’s little system.


A week or so later… it may have been less than a week, but how time slows when you’re waiting for cookies to be delivered to your door– It’s excruciating, the cookies arrived!  I scarfed two of the oatmeal chocolate chip while poor Fox watched me and chewed a phantom cookie as he looked on. (soon baby,,, you shall have as many cookies as you want) Not only were they  really good, but I was really surprised when (the same day) I felt a huge difference in milk production. Let down was strong, I was engorged (not painfully so) for pretty much the entire day. When I chatted with the contact at Bub Bakery, she shared with me  that the galactogogues (any substance that promotes lactation in humans and other animals) were barley flour, brewer’s yeast, oats, and flax seed. She also shared that results depend on the individual. Some moms may feel a difference at their next feed after eating a cookie or two, while others may need to eat the cookies more regularly and work up to feeling that difference.


All in all, a cookie that helps you produce milk, is sheer genius. I’ll eat all the cookies and Fox can drink all the milk.  It’s a win-win for mom and babe.