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Say Mesh To The Dress

Just a few things about this dress: Looseness of dress keeps hormonal preggo well-tempered Prevents preggo hot flashes Easily slip-on without risk of ¬†toppling over due to extremely large bump ¬†Super chic This Imanimo white mesh dress is perfect for the summer months. I think I wore this dress on repeat for like a week, […]

Denim on Denim

    The Canadian Tuxedo came on to the style scene and it came on hard. Denim pays off smashingly if you can make it work without looking like Justin and Britney’s red carpet look. Remember that?? I love me some denim and am more than happy to go all denim everything when I can. […]

Crop Tops & Overalls

¬†   My mom bought these overalls for me¬†back when I was 17 weeks pregnant. The plan was to get them in a big enough size that I could wear them through out the pregnancy. Normally these plans almost never work out, but this time around things happened to work in my favor. I love […]

Lace & The Country

¬†¬† It’s been a while since I’ve sat¬†myself¬†down to write something longer than an Instagram caption. I just recently wrote a post about how no matter how much is going on with me, there is still no excuse NOT to write. I should be documenting any and everything that is going on with my life. […]

Soon Maternity: PART DEUX-NIM…

You see what I did there? In the title? Pretty clever, ay? Have I mentioned I love denim? Always have. Always will. The sweetest, kindest, most loving thing a clothing brand can do for a pregnant woman is provide her with comfortable denim options for when she no longer fits into her favorite pair of […]

Soon Maternity Slays the T-Shirt Dress

Yes, yes, it’s been a long time coming, but I come bearing gifts. I’ve discovered the most comfortable, non-shlumpy,¬†casual-sexy T-shirt dress. And of course that means that you have¬†also¬†discovered aforementioned dress. Good lookin’ out! Soon Maternity’s Sienna Tee Maternity Dress fits and flatters your pregnancy curves while promising not to compromise comfort. I grabbed the […]

Label By Legoe Loves Moms-to-Be

This post is a bit late, so I apologize for that, But I wanted to write it because Label By Legoe, an¬†Australian lifestyle clothing brand, truly loves mommies-to-be. I’ve never met the creators, and I don’t have a close relationship with anyone who works there (although all of my email correspondences with the brand have […]