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Fall Florals

  Wooooowee. I bet you thought I’d died. Or quit the blogger game. Or got so depressed that Trump was our president that I swore off all colorful garments and swore to wear only black for the rest of my days.  Nope, I’m still in it. Still redefining the way mamas dress (although I wear […]

The Jungle is Real

Not quite sure about the title of this post, but the reality is I spent a chunk of Fox’s nap time putzing about so now I need to just get on with it and get this post written before he wakes up. Why do I always do this to myself?? So the Jungle is real […]

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Embroidery On A Budget

I’m loving me some embroidery. I literally type in embroidery to every e-commerce shop I frequent, just so I can take my pick of the embroidered items they have to offer. I’m a wee bit obsessed. But this obsession comes just in time for Spring. I’m almost afraid to utter the s word because the […]