A Satin Moment


There are just a few things I missed when I started breastfeeding. I really wanted to nurse until Fox was ready to wean himself. Now here we are 17 months later and I see no signs of this boy weaning… but that’s a story for another time… Right after I gave birth to Fox… the 55 pounds I gained –Yes, I said 55 pounds– just fell right off. I was so excited to get back into my regular clothes again and maybe even purchase a few new duds. It was summer and the sexy satin slip dress was everywhere.  I was wearing nursing pads. I was leaking milk like it was my job. (it was my job.)  There was no way I could wear a slip dress with no bra (I used my bra to hold the nursing pads in place) I’d have milk stains running down the front in a matter of minutes.  It’s taken about a year and a half for me to feel comfortable in a satin dress sans bra. So for me it’s a treat to slip into a satin dress. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I take a few extra minutes in the mirror and linger a little longer with it on.

What pieces of clothing make you want to twirl a few more times in front of the mirror?



Tia’s Place// Cold Shoulder Wrap Dress

Tia’s Place//Prism Wristlet