4 days and Counting…

When you pose with baby items that you don’t plan on buying because (at the time) you believed it was cute idea and now realize it really wasn’t that cute at all…
When your husband tells you not to make “that face” because it looks “horrendous” and you LOL so hard because you know he’s right #keepingitallthewayreal

IMG_6446 maternity style

I can’t tell you how many people have commented on this tee, preggos and non-preggos a-like. I’ve even received  a nod or two from some male passersby who undoubtedly think my tee is awesome 😉

But, of course this is not why I love wearing this top. The truth is that it’s a non-hassle tee that grows with you through out your pregnancy  whilst reminding you of your growth and the much anticipated day when you will get to meet your Little Human. Who doesn’t like a constant reminder that good things are coming your way??



Until next time…

Peace & <3,


P.S. I am 39 weeks not 38 weeks… my pregnancy brain kicked in (severely) and I completely forgot to put an X through 39… go figure. #reallife




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