Introducing Le Zazzu Shop

It’s been radio silence on my end for a couple of weeks. I’ve been over here planning and sculpting and creating. Busy at work. Building brick-by-brick my creative circle. It’s been eye-opening… and rewarding. Through the network at Hey Mama, a platform to connect mama movers and shakers, I met Monika Anush. Monika is a […]

Gray + Olive

  Lay-er-ing. Can’t get enough. Layering coats and vests is another way to get a variety of looks from your wardrobe, but more importantly to stay warm. This is more of a neutral look for me. Grays and Olive are colors that are a bit more subtle than I’ve been wearing lately, but are still […]

Studded Leather + Pattern Play

Ya’ll already know I love myself some boy meets girl style. Especially if I’m able to incorporate ACTUAL men’s clothing. Which ( I’d like to pat myself on the back for this find) I was able to do with this faux leather studded jacket from Forever21 Red. Have you guys seen one of these? It’s […]

Sheer Bodysuit +Kickers

    Always evolving. From one day to the next. I could look at an article of clothing and think, I would NEVER wear that and then the week after, I’d pick up that same piece and go, “Actually, It’s kind of cute.” What I like to wear changes from day-to-day, because how I see […]

Over-sized Ruffles & Pleated {P}leather

  Ladies and Gentleman. Pleats, faux leather, ruffles, ties, lace-ups–you name it– it’s sitting pretty in this outfit. Balance is not necessarily something I’m excellent at putting into action… but when it comes with showing skin in my looks I tend to lean towards balancing out the amount of skin that I let peek through. […]

Crushed Velvet Coordinates

Coordinate Sets. What can I say… I kind of love them. From the ugliest pattern to the most beautiful. I am ALWAYS drawn to them. There’s something “jolie laide” about the the matchy matchiness of it all. It conjures up Puff Daddy & Mase ensembles and  Britney and Justin Canadian Tuxedos. Perhaps the most  enjoyable […]

Lace-Up Asymmetrics

Baby Fox has had a fever the last few days and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t freaking out about him being in pain and uncomfortable. Pure torture. I’m sure any mamas reading this are nodding their heads in agreement. There’s nothing worse. After a night of ZERO sleep and two days of […]

Faux Fur Leopard Coat

  Soooooo you NEED this coat. Repeat after me, “I need this coat. It is essential for my growth and personal well being. If I don’t buy this coat (or something like it ) all will be lost.”  But seriously… I don’t go out often. A few weeks ago I grabbed drinks with a mom […]

A Satin Moment

  There are just a few things I missed when I started breastfeeding. I really wanted to nurse until Fox was ready to wean himself. Now here we are 17 months later and I see no signs of this boy weaning… but that’s a story for another time… Right after I gave birth to Fox… […]